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Our customer promise “Secure Way For Better Living.” sums up our aim to increase wellbeing through responsible stewardship of housing wealth. We aim to raise awareness of current housing and housing finance issues in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. With our strong expertise, we actively participate in the social debate on the housing market and the economy. Our housing market and economic reports address social issues that are central to housing in a simple and realistic way.

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Hypo’s borrowers have access to the expertise and support from Hypo’s housing finance managers during the home-buying process to ensure that the biggest purchase of their lifetime goes smoothly.

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Plot Concept

Hypo developed a plot concept in the beginning of the 21st century with an aim to lower the threshold for home ownership by separating the price of land from the purchase price of the apartment. The ‘Plot Concept’ has during its 20-year lifespan become a meaningful part of financing solutions of home construction, especially in growth centers.

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Hypo actively takes care of its staff’s well-being through extensive occupational health services and other benefits. Staff turnover is low and there are many long-term, committed staff members at Hypo. Job satisfaction and well-being at work are monitored through regular BBI and NPS measurements. Regularly ratified human resources management principles set targets for equality and non-discrimination, the implementation of which is regularly monitored.

As part of the staff remuneration scheme, pension fund ‘Suomen Hypoteekkiyhdistyksen eläkesäätiö’ is there to provide additional pension benefits hence providig financial security for the long term.


Tax Payer

In 2023, Hypo paid EUR 6.8 million in salaries and EUR 3.7 million in pension expenses, other side expenses and taxes. In addition, Hypo has made donations to non-profit organisations.

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