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Hypo acts responsibly in lending by applying the orders and recommendations of the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority as well as other regulations and guidelines from the authorities.

In the field of good corporate governance, Hypo applies the governance code of Finnish listed companies in its administration. As a mutual company Hypo uses its profits to the benefit of its loan customers to further enable Finnish prosperity growth.

As a financial institution, Hypo is regulated by a large amount of obligatory regulation, guidelines and reporting requirements from the authorities. The goal of banking regulation is to secure the functioning of banks in all circumstances and make their operations open and transparent to all stakeholders.

Know your customer (KYC), and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing regulations are part of the principles of banking. Applying, following and implementing the regulations is a substantial part of banks’ operation these days, and when successful, customers’ information and funds are safe, and the bank does not get warnings from the authorities. Hypo has succeeded well in this basic task. In addition, Hypo participates actively in common lobbying work in the financial sector, which focuses strongly on new banking regulatory projects.

Our financial reporting, prepared in accordance with internationally consistent IFRS principles, serves the information needs of our stakeholders, especially our investors. From 2022, the consolidated financial statements have also been published in ESEF format.

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